Upravit stránku


  • Blasting of aluminum castings

Blasting systems

  • Pressure blast machines
  • Wheel blast machines

Available sizes (mm)

Zn06Ø 0,60
Zn07Ø 0,70
Zn08Ø 0,80
Zn09Ø 0,90
Zn10Ø 1,00

* Other grain sizes can be produced if required

Zn11Ø 1,10
Zn12Ø 1,20
Zn14Ø 1,40
Zn16Ø 1,60
Zn18Ø 1,80

Physical properties

Hardness Zn98Al2approx. 55 HV0,1
Hardness unalloyed Znapprox. 30 - 45 HV0,1
Grain shapecylindrical/rounded
Melting point420 °C
Bulk density*cca 6,7 - 7,5 kg / dm3

* Depending on grain size.

Chemical analysis

Zn99,99 %cca 98 %
Al-1,5-2,0 %


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