Industry brunches

Production of abrasive products

Grinding or cutting wheels – resin or vitrified bonded, coated abrasives and all converted items of them – use high quality abrasives like corundum, silicon carbide or other special abrasive materials with special coating layer or with special and precise designed grains, with exact chemical content and classified by FEPA norm.

Automotive industry

Automotive industry including sub-supplier is before basic changes and great challenge in the range of productivity. Company ABRANOVA can help to follow this challenge with high quality blasting media and abrasives for all surface treatment alternatives in the whole production line, with maximal accent on the high productivity.

Aircraft industry

High-tech technology, extreme high requirement on quality and their control, high safety rules and persistent developing in the branch aircraft industry, transfer all these to all supplier and partners. Company ABRANOVA is ready to supply aircraft industry with blasting media, which correspond with all topical requirements.

Paint shop, zinc works, metal coating

Before any final surface coating is important surface treatment = quality blasting, cleaning, surface roughing help for maximal adhesion of final coat. Company ABRANOVA can offer you many different blasting medias in different grit sizes.

Facade cleaning, building restauration

Building facade is daily under influence of surroundings. After certain period there is some spotting, dirty surface. With natural blasting media is possible to renew facade design/look, ecological and without any chemical agent.

Flooring works

In many branches floor should follow special requirements concerning slip-resistant rules and standards. This requirement is easy to follow with small addition of natural abrasive materials to the last flooring layer.

Foundry industry

In foundries there are producing different items from different raw materials. By some foundry process exist demand on unified surface treatment. For effective required surface treatment process is necessary to select right blasting media, which can follow all requirement connected with stability of the form, dimensions, mechanical tension and surface quality.

Ship-building sector

In the production, repair and renovation of ships important condition is high quality preparation of surface treatment. This should be resist against all surroundings impacts. All these requirements is possible to fulfil with right choice of blasting media and subsequent coating.

Military industry

Military vehicles are used under high strength conditions. Regular and complex maintenance is from that reason very important. High-quality and consistent service like cleaning and blasting prolong basically the life of vehicles and their final coatings.

Floor and concrete blasting

Floor and concrete blasting is made usual by reconstruction and is important for high quality and long lifetime of new final flooring layer.

Mining industry

Production, maintenance and repair of logging machinery and their parts request very high requirements on surface treatment to protect all of them against very aggressive surroundings impacts. These requirements can be fulfiled with right surface treatment with high quality blasting media and following surface coating.

Steel construction and metal works

By the production of metal and steel constructions the blasting process can be very multifarious. It can be made for final surface treatment or as a step in the production process for required surface quality, like roughening, cleaning, deburring or surface hardening (shot peening). For the good result is necessary to use the right blasting media and other parameters of blasting process.

Jewellery industry

In jewellery industry the high relevance is the look of products. Our special high quality micro-grains are fit for final grinding and polishing of gemstones and hardstone and can be applied for production of special tools in the jewellery industry too.

Glass industry

Products from glass must not be always crystal clear or transparent. With matt or roughened surface you can offer new design and look of your products, after using simple very soft blasting with fine and exact sized blasting media.

Tool industry

Production of tools need a long production process. Surface treatment is mainly very special as the tool itself. Blasting of tools can provide f.e. descaling and deburring, surface roughening for better adhesion of final coating layer.

Waterjet cutting

With addition of natural garnet to the waterjet cutting, you can cut extreme hard materials without heat creation. Mixture of water and blasting media is applied on product under high speed (near to sound speed) and under pressure up to 6 400 bar. This technology of waterjet cutting guarantee you high precision and high speed in the cut.

Refractory industry

In all branches, where high temperature is used, are refractory products applied. Our alumina oxide grains have high temperature and chemical resistance and are suitable for refractory products.

Rail vehicles and wagons

Surface treatment and blasting of rail vehicles and their parts is by the production and maintenance very important. Blasting is used for surface treatment before final coating and for prolongation of lifetime of rail vehicles and their components.

Stone-cutting industry

White alumina oxide is through his chemical stability, mechanical proof, excellence electro-isolating property and high heat resistance very useful for production of different items of technical refractory products for large group of different industry applications.

Technology of filtering

Natural garnet is through his hardness, high density and chemical stability very important part of multi-layer filters. Natural garnet as filtering medium prolong the lifetime of whole filtering system and guarantee his stable and high speed filtering process.

Pressure casting of alumina

Alumina is a construction material of future. Consumption of alumina increases continuously. In the same time requirements of customers concerning surface treatment quality increase too. Company ABRANOVA supply for this segment of industry high quality blasting media, satisfactory all standards and requirements regarding high productivity and surface quality treatment.

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