• Blasting of aluminum and stainless steel materials
  • Dry and wet blasting
  • Aerospace industry

Blasting systems

  • Pressure blast machines
  • Wheel blast machines
  • Injector blast machines

Available sizes (µm)

B205 0-63
B125 0-125
B120 70-125
B60 125-250

Other grain sizes can be produced if required. Possibility AMS 2431/7

B40 250-425
B30 425-600
B20 600-850
B10 850-1180


Physical properties

Hardness 7 - 7,5 Mohs
Melting point 2100 ˚C
Bulk density* 2,1 - 2,4 kg / dm3
Grain shape Round

* Depending on grain size.

Chemical analysis

Type SiC black
ZrO2 63,45%
SiO2 28,04%
Al2O3 6,59%
Fe2O3 0,12%


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